Contact section

What can you mail us for?

You can mail us if you have any complaints about the server or staff, if you want to apply for a staff function, if you have any ideas on how to make the server more fun, if you're perm-banned you can mail us for an unban one month after the ban (this does not guarantee that you will get unbanned) and if you find any bugs or glitches.

How to apply

So you decided to apply for a staff function? Great! But you'll have to meet a few standards before you can become staff. We expect you to be at least 14 years old and that you are capable of acting mature. Next thing on the list is that you should be friendly to our players. We think that contact between staffmembers is a must, that's why you'll also need to have Whatsapp and Discord. Before applying check the page of the function you're applying for to see if there's a spot free for you.

Did you meet the standards and are you still interested? Great! But first we'd like to know a few things about you:
- Your name
- Your game name
- The function you're applying for
- Your age
- Any experience (tell us about your experiences)
- Good/Bad character traits
- What do you expect of us?
- Why should we hire you?
- Your phonenumber
- Your Discord ID

Once we've read your e-mail we'll invite you for a discord call where you'll meet the owner of Vintage Network, The project-leader of the gamemode you'll be working on and the head of the function(e.g Head-Helper) which you'll be working with. We hope to hear of you as soon as possible good luck!

Mail us