From 1.8.9. to 1.11.2
15 November 2018


Due to a huge crash in our system, and our server taking up a lot of data, we've considered switching to 1.11.2. The switch has been successful but we've lost the kingdom maps and playerdata. The netherportal bug is fixed as well.... The other gamemodes: skyblock, prison and kit pvp are still closed.

There will be a whole new world to explore, new animals to see, new enemies to fight. The development team is working to get the server back open as soon as possible. We'll see you soon!

Kingdom officially open!
11 November 2018


After tons of work we're happy to announce that our kingdom server is finally open for players! On the other hand, the gamemodes skyblock, prison and kit pvp are still being put together....

Are you interested in becoming a king on our server? Join our discord sercer and request a kingdom while you can! The gamemode consists out a lot of roleplay e.g. religions, (civil)wars and lots more.

Don't forget to read the rules (found in the discord server) before you start playing, enjoy!

Apply for staff?

Are you motivated, costumer-friendly and can you act mature? If so, a function in the staffteam of Vintage Network might be something for you. Staffmembers of Vintage Network are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere in the server.

Other then maintaining a positive atmosphere you'll also apply the rules of the server. Do you meet the standards and do you want to join our team? Send us an e-mail!

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